Our Science

ilumi labs liquid micropatch technology™ delivers resolution and balance to your skin

ilumi labs, medical grade, LIQUID MICROPATCH TECHNOLOGY™ is a much more effective approach to skin care with long lasting visible effects. We charge it with activated essential minerals, extracted from natural sources, that are well known for their beneficial effects.

Activated mineral charge: Magnesium (Mg), Zinc (Zn), Selenium (Se), Strontium (Sr), Titanium (Ti), Silicon (Si), Potassium (K), Manganese (Mn), Sodium (Na), Calcium (Ca), Sulfur (Su), Phosphorus (P), Lithium (Li), Copper (Cu), Chloride (Cl), Iron (Fe).

For the scientifically-inclined: ilumi LIQUID MICROPATCH™ is a thermodynamic ion capacitor, that delivers specialized materials, water, and energy to the skin through liquid bridges.

  • 1After cleansing, coat 1 to 3 spots with a generous amount. Don’t rub it in.
    Charged micropatch
    Whitehead and Blemish
  • 2Leave on for 3 hours
    Whitehead removed. Minerals enter
    Blemish gets smaller, with better complexion
  • 3Rinse with water
    After washing
    Blemish cleared. Improved skin tone and texture

Activated trace minerals have well known benefits

ilumi LABS LIQUID MICROPATCH™ is charged with activated essential minerals that are well known for their therapeutic effects. The following summarizes the potential benefits of essential trace minerals, as described in the scientific literature:

Mechanism: We make nature work for you

  • Liquid thermodynamic ion capacitor, charged with specialized materials
  • Activates and delivers essential trace minerals in unique combinations
  • Serves as a delivery platform for additional materials
  • Creates a microclimate over affected areas

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